Rekindle Retreat

Are you ready to recalibrate to wholeness for your future legacy?

Set your intentions on finishing stronger than you started.

Explore Our Rekindle Retreat for Couples & Individuals

Life Changing BENEFITS -

  • Removing Barriers:
    Getting past the superficial communications

  • Simple methods of life line discovery:
    Explain the benefit of your products

  • Growth & Alignment:
    Gaining ability to see with greater perspective

Promised OUTCOMES -

  • Transformative: Our products are delivered immediately

  • Rested & Revitalized

  • Outcomes: Rekindle and light a new fire as you are released into your future together,

  • Arrive in peace and leave with joy (bible verse)

Restorative FEATURES -

  • Individual Encounters: Atmosphere of safety, listening & understanding

  • Private & Exclusive: Escape to a private paradise to reflect, restore & reset

  • Onsite Health Chef: Every meal is prepared onsite with healthy ingredients & with hands-on participation with the nutritional hosts

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