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As a naturopathic doctor, a retreat host, a health education consultant at metro-Atlanta, GA. Dr. Mary is the Founder of Rekindle Health and Rekindle Retreat & SPA dedicated to preventive wellness strategies. She offers whole food supplements, functional lab testing, medical herbs compounding and cutting-edge therapies, all to optimize the body's own self-healing and self-regulating functions.

Dr. Mary graduated from the College of Natural Health. She is a Clinical Nutritionist in Advanced Clinical Nutritional Analysis (A.N.A.), muscle testing. She makes professional and scientifically proven recommendations to all her clients including preventive lifestyle strategies, functional lab tests, therapies and herbal and supplemental consultations.

Dr. Mary retired from the Marriage Commission of C.M.D.A.

She is the author/contributor in the following works:

"Delicious Enzymes" (DVD Production),

"Gift of Forgiveness" Book, July 2021 (Collaborating Author),

"A Children's Book: The Journey of My China Vase" Book, December 2019

"Optimize Wellness and Maximize Life: Optimize is the health side & maximize is the growth side", Book, October 2023

Mary Axness is known as "Happy Merri N.D.'' on PTWWNTV.com ( February 2024). You can see her as a TV show host in 2024.

Dr. Mary is passionate about Longevity lifestyle Wellness, Marriage Restoration. Currently active with Inner Healing and Bethel Atlanta's prophetic team ministries. JESUS CHRIST is her 1st Healer. She is married 46 years to her one and only, with 2 married grown children and 2 joyballs (grandkids).

What they are saying about my latest book

Optimize Wellness and Maximize Life:

Optimize is the health side & maximize is the growth side


So much are packed into this book, very easy read. One degree of fun for the recipes, can develop a life time of healthy eating habits. I heard of Enzymes, now it's been made simple, can't wait to hear more from this author, she's got a lot to say about healthy living.

N. Nomad

This is a great easy read for the individual looking to improve their overall well-being. The author covers a lot of functional medicine concepts in a well-organized manner, with simple ways to implement healthy habits with easy to find ingredients. I plan on buying this for all my friends with chronic/difficult-to-diagnose health issues!

Paula J.

This book held my attention from the beginning to the end I’m looking forward to reading more from this author.

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